Introducing our first ever series: Polkadots!

We love simplicity and we know that nothing can't go wrong with our polkadots. 
You can use this for a baby shower, a birthday, or a farewell dinner! Whatever, really. 

These are just a few things I could create in a pack, if you would like a 
different custom label for something else (name cards, cutlery wraps, etc)
just let me know and I could make you one, no fuss at all!

You can either buy these decorations in a box, ready for you to use straight away.
Or I can customise something that's special just for you.
You can also ask me to come and decorate it for you.

Text and colour could be changed to your liking. 

Amanda's Baby Shower

We are getting ready for the loveliest artwork for your events! 
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